three six five start is a daily exercise in which Matthew Sheret, the author, will post the opening lines of a novel about:

i) a fist-fight between the idea of Pete Doherty and the iconography of Ian Curtis

ii) making a sharp turn left immediately after meeting Amy Lee at the crossroads after midnight

iii) a fictitious young man opening his eyes and his ears

iv) the line drawn between doves ‘There Goes The Fear’ and Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life

v) learning there are no ideals to fight for anymore, and coming to terms with being a cell of one

vi) a chat between Hunter S. Thompson, Paul Morley and B. S. Johnson over breakfast at Veselka’s

vii) cyclical regularity

iix) the loving relationship between formative years and popular culture

ix) the annual meeting of a revolving cast of people to listen to a Festive Ten and why they do it

x) the statement “Self mythology is the only truth of the twenty-first century”

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